WP1: Establishing a Filarial Clinical Trial and Research Platform (F-CuRE).

WP2: From biomarkers to diagnostics.

WP3: Rapid assessment of lymphedema burden using mobile phone based text messages by community health workers.

WP4: Reducing the daily dose of doxycycline to successfully treat filarial LE – a multinational, randomized, controlled non-inferiority trial.

WP5: Doxycycline for treatment of non-filarial LE due to podoconiosis – a randomised, placebo controlled pilot trial.

WP6: Efficacy of ultrasound-guided hydrocele aspiration to prevent surgical intervention.

WP7: Comparing cost benefit ratios of test and treat approaches with the macrofilaricide doxycycline vs MDA with IVM/ALB for regional elimination of LF

WP8: Establishment of Podoconiosis treatment centers.

WP9: Elucidating the role of HIV therapy on LF pathology.